Santos Jumps Ahead at Juniper


Takes the Early Lead in the CFC Grand Slam of Golf


Northboro, MA - After making the treacherous trek from his small island nation to the Metro West area of Massachusetts, Dr. George Santos was dog tired when he arrived at the home of his colleague Nick Kofos on Tuesday night. After a surf and turf and cake dinner is his honor and a fine night's sleep in the Kofos' guest suite/supply closet, the good doctor was as good as new and raring to go. He put a beating on the Riverside Course at Juniper Hill, and on the field of 60 at the Saints Anargyroi Tournament, shooting an excellent 82. For Santos it was a notable victory and gives him the early lead in The Marshall Insurance Grand Slam of Golf. Santos dedicated the victory to his late father who passed away earlier this month. It also installs the foreign phenom as the favorite going into the CFC next month in Maine.

The field was slightly short on talent, as several CFC stalwarts were not in the line up, perhaps because they were saving themselves for the crown jewel, the CFC. Defending Grand Slam champ Dave Horne was conspicuous by his absence as was CFC also ran Mike Connolly. Their joint truancy did raise a few eyebrows as the two had developed a serious bromance last year during the final few golf events. Neither Horne or Connolly were available to comment. The 2014 CFC champion John Whiting was unable to attend, as was CFC Special Prosecutor Tom Wing, who was reportedly in New Hampshire gathering evidence for an upcoming prosecution. Coming in not far behind Santos was CFC MoA Dave Trull, Dr. Brian Braveman, Dr. Nick Kofos, Dr. Paul Murray, future Dr. Zak Kofos and insurance icon Peter Marshall. For Kofe is was another hellacious round for the Hellenic has-been. His lack of attention to his game over the past 8 months really showed.

For Marshall, it was a day of completing a 180 degree turn. One year to the day after being the lead sponsor in the 2015 Grand Slam of Golf, Marshall Insurance was back in the role it abandoned last September, leaving the Grand Slam without a sponsor. Then his former colleague, turned bitter foe, Jeff Hosington of Lemire Insurance came in to takeover as the sponsor. When Hoisington abandoned Lemire for greener pastures in Wellesley, the sponsorship went caput. Now in a strange series of events, which is redundant in the CFC world, Marshall has hired Hoisington and with that empowering move, it has the ability to reclaim the sponsorship of the Grand Slam of Golf. At least until it goes under later this summer. So the official golf season is now underway and here are the point totals after the first leg of The Marshall Insurance Grand Slam of Golf.

Santos         100 points
Trull              72 points
Brakeman    57 points
N Kofos        50.5 points
Marshall       37 points
Murray         31 points
Z Kofos        22 points
Whiting        -10 points
all others     0 points

More points will be up for grabs at Spring Meadows on July 29th.  Several questions will be answered that day such as - will Horne show up to make a late bid to defend his title? Will Whiting be able to arise from his necrotic nap and get his butt to Gray? Is Mendes still amongst the living? And will Reinhart make a cameo appearance in some capacity? We will find out in a mere 42 days. Until then, get your games together.