About CFC Golf


This prestigious event was created in 2003 by three bold pioneers from Bates College; Dave Trull ’80*, Dr. Nicholas Kofos ’80½**, and Dave Mended ’Honorary***. They met for a traditional hearty breakfast at the legendary Cole Farms Diner. They then enjoyed 18 holes of great golf across the street at Spring Meadows, Dave Pollard’s fabulous new golf course.

After the spirited golf competition they consumed cold beverages and toasted the victor in Lewiston at The Blue Goose and La Cage. (We will try to forget the waste of 90 minutes while Kofe chatted with Joline at the Bates College Bookstore). The three upstarts vowed to make this an annual event, minus visiting the now-retired Joline, and to recruit more of their old friends, and some new ones as well, to join in the annual merriment.

So here we are today doing just that, as we continue this tradition, with The 15th Annual C.F.C. This year Spring Meadows will be hosting the event for the 14th year. Who will make this their lucky year?